Stamps in collection from




IRC1963-Belgium1IWY1975-Belgium1IYC1979-Belgium1UN25-Belgium1Rotary-Belgium1UPU-Belgium1 ITU100-Belgium1 HR1958-Belgium-1 WHO-Belgium1EU1980--Belgium1 EU1979-Belgium2 EU1978-Belgium1 EU1978-Belgium2 EU1979-Belgium1 EU1977-Belgium1 EU1976-Belgium1 EU1975-Belgium2 EU1975-Belgium1 EU1973-Belgium2 EU1973-Belgium1 EU1972-Belgium1 EU1972-Belgium2 EU1971-Belgium2 EU1971-Belgium1 EU1967-Belgium1 EU1968-Belgium1 EU1968-Belgium2 EU1969-Belgium1 EU1969-Belgium2 EU1970-Belgium1EU1966-BEL2 EU1966-BEL1 EU1965-BEL2 EU1965-BEL1 EU1964-BEL1 EU1963-BEL1 EU1962-BEL2 EU1962-BEL1 EU1961-BEL2 EU1961-BEL1 EU1960-BEL2 EU1960-BEL1 EU1959-BEL1 EU1958-BEL1 EU1957-BEL1 EU1956-BEL1 EU1981Belgium1EU2003-BEL1 EU2004-BEL1 EU2005-BEL12008SOG-BEL1EU1982Belgium1EU1982Belgium2EU1983Belgium1EU1984Belgium1

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